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spirit air lines Complaint - shafted - customer service
spirit air lines Complaint

spirit air lines Complaint


shafted - customer service

My boyfriend and I booked a trip to Jamaica this month. From the start, Spiritair was a nightmare. On the first connection flight the stewardess took the microphone and yelled at the passengers still putting thier bags up to "Hurry up! I have things to do and want to get out of here, so sit down so we can take off" On the fight back, we also had a connection and when the plane landed we where supposed to clear customs and return to the same plane. The pilot told us that this flight was not continuing on tO LGA,like it said on our tickets but detroit. After waiting for our baggage for an hour someone came down and told us that a bin of luggage was left in Jamaica, and we would have to file a claim for it when we reached our destination. We went to the ticket desk to ask why our flight was changed and they told us that the plane we were on was continuing to LGA, and we missed it and hour ago. The next flight was no until the next morning and we did not get a hotel. The next morning we got on our 7am flight with no luggage in the same clothes from yesterday. When we arrived in LGA, and went down to baggage claim, their was noone there and we where told by another airline rep that we had to go upstairs and find someone from Spirit cause they hadnt been downstairs all day. When we went upstairs, their were 200 angry people yelling and cursing at the spirit reps, some were climbing on the counter trying to strangle them. They had missed thier cruises, connections and had thier luggage lost. After waiting 2hours at the baggage claim going back and forth trying to get a rep, 5 of us went up stairs and had to escort a rep downstairs. 2 days later after calling them constantly, our bags showed up, and we had to drive to the airport and pay for parking to get our bags. I suggust no one every fly this airline. pay the extra money its worth saving yourself the headache.

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abby10 says: (5 years ago)
yes this isnt fair to us we paid our exspenses and they wanted more they had told us we missed our flight and i had to pay 500.oo dollars more to get home plus my baggage fee dont fly with this airlines its the worst

allenwilson says: (10 years ago)
On July 22 my wife and I had reservations on Spirit Air Flight 244 from Guatemala CIty, Guatemala to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Our flight's scheduled departure was for 12:35 PM. Due to a catastrophic landslide which occurred on the main highway into Guatemala City, we had to take several alternate routes in order to try and make our flight. While traveling we attempted to reach Spirit Air in Guatemala City several times, but no one was answering the telephone in the business office. We called the main reservations number but the agent we reached said there was nothing they could do to inform the Spirit Air ticket counter about our delay. We called the Airport Security Office, but they said we would have to talk to Spirit Air. Thanks to a taxi driver who risked his life, and ours, trying to get us to the airport on time, we arrived at the Guatemala City Airport at 11:25 AM. My wife immediately went to the Spirit Air ticket counter to start checking us in while I handled out luggage. She was standing in line at 11:29 AM and had to wait while another passenger, who was booked on the same flight, was being assisted by the agent at the ticket counter. At 11:38 we finally got to the agent and he refused to check us in saying were three minutes late! We explained our circumstances and the fact that we were in line before the 11:35 AM cutoff. The agent, Juan Castro, was not sympathetic, nor cooperative. Another gentleman was in line behind us, who was also in line before the cutoff, and Mr. Castro said that if he let us on board, he would also have to let the gentleman behind us on the plane, too. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and was told he was at the gate and could not talk with us. I asked Mr. Castro to get him on the phone/walkie talkie and expalin our situation. Mr. Castro refused to do so, simply saying the flight was closed and there was nothing that could be done. Plenty of Spirit Air agents were behind the counter, but all of them looked elsewhere, never once looking us in the eyes.
I then asked Mr. Castro what our options were. He said that he could not help us until he finished whatever he was doing... He was counting money in order to close the account on our flight. After 20 minutes of standing in line and looking right at him, he finally spoke with us again. He informed us that the next flight to Ft. Lauderdale was the next day in the afternoon, but there was no connecting flight to Washington, DC, our destination. The next flight with connections would not be for 48 hours. I asked if he could check for flights with other airlines in order to get us out sooner. He said he could not. Our frustration with the total absence of compassion, assistance, and concern hit the "melting point." I explained that my wife's mother was having life-threatening cancer surgery the next day and that we had to get a flight to Washington DC that day. With no remorse, whatsoever, in his voice he said he could not help us any further. With my wife in tears, had I been a psychotic person with a gun, I imagine I could have used it at that point.
My wife and I eventually, after three hours of trying to find a flight with space, were able to book a flight the next morning with American Airlines, whose agents were most helpful and caring. We had to stay overnight ($136) and added to that the cost of two plane tickets ($984) brought our out-of-pocket expenses for Spirit Air's callous regard and handling of our situation to a total of $1120, plus the cost of our Spirit Air tickets and baggage fees - $500 +/-.

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